Provided by: clig_1.9.11.1-3_all bug


        ::clig::Double - declare an option with parameters of type double


        package require clig
        namespace import ::clig::*
        setSpec db
        Double  -opt  varname usage [-c min max] {[-d default ...]  | [-m]} [-r
        rmin rmax]


        The Double command works exactly as the Float command except  that  the
        generated  C  parser works with values of type double instead of float.
        For the Tcl parser it does not make a difference.
        clig(1),   clig_Commandline(7),   clig_Description(7),    clig_Flag(7),
        clig_Float(7),  clig_Int(7),  clig_Long(7), clig_Name(7), clig_Rest(7),
        clig_String(7), clig_Usage(7), clig_Version(7), clig_parseCmdline(7)