Provided by: clig_1.9.11.1-3_all bug


        ::clig::Flag - declare a flag (boolean, classic) option


        package require clig
        namespace import ::clig::*
        setSpec db
        Flag -opt varname usage


        The Flag command declares an option without any parameters. The command
        line parser merely checks for the existence of opt on the command line.
        If  parseCmdline finds opt on the command line, variable varname in the
        caller’s context is set to 1. If opt is not on the  command  line,  the
        variable is not set.
        If opt is found on the command line the slot variableP in the structure
        returned by the parser will be set to a non-zero  value,  otherwise  it
        will be 0.
        Example use of Flag:
          Flag -v verbose {verbose operation}
        clig(1),   clig_Commandline(7),   clig_Description(7),  clig_Double(7),
        clig_Float(7), clig_Int(7), clig_Long(7),  clig_Name(7),  clig_Rest(7),
        clig_String(7), clig_Usage(7), clig_Version(7), clig_parseCmdline(7)