Provided by: clig_1.9.11.1-3_all bug


        ::clig::Name - set the program name to be used in the manual page


        package require clig
        namespace import ::clig::*
        setSpec db
        Name program-name


        The Name-command specifies the name of the program. The string program-
        name is used in the  generated  manual  page  and  also  specifies  the
        default name of the manual page. However the specified name is not used
        anywhere else in the parser because use of argv[0] is preferred  there.
        clig(1),   clig_Commandline(7),   clig_Description(7),  clig_Double(7),
        clig_Flag(7), clig_Float(7), clig_Int(7),  clig_Long(7),  clig_Rest(7),
        clig_String(7), clig_Usage(7), clig_Version(7), clig_parseCmdline(7)