Provided by: pulseaudio_0.9.15-2ubuntu1_i386 bug

NAME - PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script




        The  PulseAudio sound server interprets the file ~/.pulse/ on
        startup, and when that file  doesn’t  exist  /etc/pulse/  It
        should  contain  directives  in  the PulseAudio CLI languages, as docu‐
        mented on
        The same commands can also be entered during runtime  in  the  pacmd(1)
        tool, allowing flexible runtime reconfiguration.


        The  PulseAudio  Developers  <mzchyfrnhqvb  (at)  0pointer  (dot) net>;
        PulseAudio is available from
        pulse-daemon.conf(5), pulseaudio(1), pacmd(1)