Provided by: konqueror-plugin-imagerotation_4.2.2-0ubuntu1_i386 bug

NAME - extract EXIF information from digital camera image files

SYNOPSIS image-file ...


        This  is  a Python library for extracting EXIF tags from digital camera
        image files.  It contains a command-line testing and  debugging  interÔÇÉ
        face,  which reads EXIF tags from the given files and dumps them to the
        This library is provided with the image conversion  and  transformation
        plugins  for  Konqueror.  The JPEG rotation/reflection tool jpegorient,
        part of the same set of plugins, makes use of this library.
        This utility is part of the official KDE add-ons module.
        jpegorient(1), konqueror(1),


        The  EXIF  extraction   library   was   written   by   Thierry   Bousch
        <>,  Gene  Cash  <>  and Leif
        Jensen <>.
        This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton  <>  for  the
        Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
                                February 4, 2004                     EXIF.PY(1)