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       mp3cut - cut and assemble MP3 files


       mp3cut [ -o outputfile ] [ -T title ] [ -A artist ] [ -N album-name ] [
       -t [hh:]mm:ss[+ms]-[hh:]mm:ss[+ms] ] mp3file [[ -t ...  ] mp3file1 ...]


       The  mp3cut  utility cuts and assembles MP3 files according to the time
       specifications given on the command line. The mp3 output is written  to
       the outputfile. If no outputfile is given on the command-line, the name
       for the outputfile is created from the name of the first  mp3  file  by
       adding  output.mp3  at the end. The -t flag specifies which part of the
       mp3 file following it will be extracted.


       -o outputfile
              Specify where the output is to be written.

       -T title
              Specify the title ID3 tag for the output file.

       -A artist
              Specify the artist ID3 tag for the output file.

       -N album-name
              Specify the album name ID3 tag for the output file.

       -t [hh:]mm:ss[+ms]-[hh:]mm:ss[+ms]
              Specify which part of the following mp3file will be included  in
              the output file.

                    hh  = hours
                    mm  = minutes
                    ss  = seconds
                    ms  = milliseconds

              If the starting time is omitted, 00:00:00+00 is used as starting
              time. If the ending time is omitted, the end of the MP3 file  is
              used as ending time.


       mp3cut -o output.mp3 -t 23:42+500-01:23:42+750 input.mp3
              Cut the segment from 23 minutes, 42 seconds and 500 milliseconds
              to 1 hour, 23 minutes, 42  seconds  and  750  milliseconds  from
              input.mp3 and write the output to output.mp3.

       mp3cut  -t  00:01-00:02  input1.mp3  -t  -15:23 input2.mp3 -t 9:87+500-
              Append  the  segments from input1.mp3, input2.mp3 and input3.mp3
              and write the output to input1.output.mp3.


       Manuel Odendahl <>, Florian Wesch <>

                                 February 2005                       MP3CUT(1)