Provided by: linux-tools-common_2.6.32-21.32_all bug


       perf-stat - Run a command and gather performance counter statistics


       perf stat [-e <EVENT> | --event=EVENT] [-S] [-a] <command>
       perf stat [-e <EVENT> | --event=EVENT] [-S] [-a] — <command> [<options>]


       This command runs a command and gathers performance counter statistics
       from it.


           Any command you can specify in a shell.

       -e, --event=
           Select the PMU event. Selection can be a symbolic event name (use
           perf list to list all events) or a raw PMU event (eventsel+umask)
           in the form of rNNN where NNN is a hexadecimal event descriptor.

       -i, --inherit
           child tasks inherit counters

       -p, --pid=<pid>
           stat events on existing pid

           system-wide collection

           scale counter values


       $ perf stat — make -j

           Performance counter stats for 'make -j':

           8117.370256  task clock ticks     #      11.281 CPU utilization factor
                   678  context switches     #       0.000 M/sec
                   133  CPU migrations       #       0.000 M/sec
                235724  pagefaults           #       0.029 M/sec
           24821162526  CPU cycles           #    3057.784 M/sec
           18687303457  instructions         #    2302.138 M/sec
             172158895  cache references     #      21.209 M/sec
              27075259  cache misses         #       3.335 M/sec

           Wall-clock time elapsed:   719.554352 msecs


       perf-top(1), perf-list(1)