Provided by: fp-utils_2.4.0-2_i386 bug


       ppdep - The FPC Pascal unit mover.


       ppumove [-sqbhw] [-o File] [-d path] [-e extension] files...


       ppumove  collects  one  or  several Free Pascal unit files and archives
       them in a static or shared library.


       You can invoke ppumove with as the only required argument the  name  of
       the  unit  from  which you want to make an archive. Specifying multiple
       files is also possible, they will be put in the same archive.


       ppumove has several options, which are case sensitive:

       -b     This option tells ppumove to write a shell script (a batch  file
              on  DOS) that performs the needed calls to ar and ld. The script
              will be called pmove, with an extension of  .sh  on  Linux,  and
              .bat  on DOS. You can then call this script manually afterwards.

       -d path
              This option tells ppumove where to generate the new unit  files.
              By  default,  this  is the same directory as where the files are
              found.   If  you  specify  as  the  output  extension  the  same
              extension  as  the  units  you  want to move, not specifying the
              destination directory may cause problems.

       -e ext This option sets the extension of the new unit files to ext.  By
              default  .ppl  is  used.  However,  you  can specify .ppu as the
              extension. If you do, be sure to use also the -d switch, or  you
              will  overwrite  the  old units. Note however, that the compiler
              will only look for extensions .ppu and  .ppl  when  looking  for

       -h     Shows a short help screen.

       -o file
              This  option allows you to specify the name of the library to be
              generated.  You must use this option if you  specify  more  than
              one  unit on the command-line. If you specified only one unit on
              the command-line, the generated library will have the unit name,
              with  lib  prepended (on Linux).  You do not need to specify the
              lib part, this will be prepended automatically if needed.

       -q     Tells ppumove to operate quietly.

       -s     Tells ppumove to generate a static library. By default, a shared
              library is generated (except on DOS).

       -w     Tells  ppumove it should use the windows linker and archiver. Do
              not use this option on Linux.


              ppc386(1) ppudep(1) ppudump(1)