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       ptop - The FPC Pascal configurable source beautifier.

       Origin probably Pascal-TO-Pascal.




       ptop  is  a  more  or  less  configurable  source beautifier for pascal
       sources, and specially the ones supported by FPC  (which  are  more  or
       less Turbo Pascal or Delphi 2.0 compatible).

       ptop  belongs  to  the FPC utils package, which currently also contains
       ppdep , h2pas , ppudump and ppumove


       ptop basically reformats "infile" and outputs the result to  "outfile".
       ituses a configuration file explained further below, and can generate a
       default configurationfile for you to edit. (not needed if you  use  the


       -h     Writes a short description of these switches.

       -c     read  options  from  configuration file. A configuration file is
              not needed, ptop will revert to internal defaults then. See also

       -i ident
              Sets  the  number of indent spaces used for BEGIN END; and other

       -b bufsize
              Sets the buffersize to bufsize. Default  255,  0  is  considered
              non-valid and ignored.

       -v     be   verbose.   Currently  only  outputs  the  number  of  lines
              read/written and some error messages.

       -g ptop.cfg
              Writes a default configuration file to be  edited  to  the  file

       Try  to play with ptop and its configfile until you find the effect you
       desire. The configurability and possibilities of ptop are  quite  large
       compared to shareware source beautifier found on e.g. SIMTEL.


       The  writer  of  the  program, Michael van Canneyt, who also helped out
       explaining the format of ptop.cfg.

       Questions/corrections         can         be         mailed          to

       Also thanks to the rest of the FPC development team.

       The  program  is a modernized (OOP, Streams, Delphi extensions) version
       based on a program by Peter Grogono, who in turn based his program on a
       Pascal  pretty-printer  written  by  Ledgard,  Hueras, and Singer.  See
       SIGPLAN Notices,  Vol.  12,  No.  7,  July  1977,  pages  101-105,  and
       PP.DOC/HLP.     This  version  of  PP  developed under Pascal/Z V4.0 or
       later.  Very minor modifications  for  Turbo  Pascal  made  by  Willett
       Kempton March 1984 and Oct 84.  Runs under 8-bit Turbo or 16-bit Turbo.
       Toad Hall tweak, rewrite for TP 5, 28 Nov 89


       ptop config file


       Other FPC utils
              ppdep(1) ppudump(1) ppumove(1) h2pas(1)