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       sbuild - build debian packages from source


       sbuild   [-h|--help   |   -V|--version]   [-v|--verbose  |  -q|--quiet]
       [-D|--debug]            [-A|--arch-all]             [--archive=archive]
       [-d|--dist=distribution]       [--arch=architecture]      [-s|--source]
       [--force-orig-source]  [--make-binNMU=changelog-entry]   [--binNMU=NMU-
       version]     [--append-to-version=string]    [--add-depends=dependency]
       [--add-conflicts=dependency]  [--add-depends-indep=dependency]  [--add-
       conflicts-indep=dependency]                [-m|--maintainer=maintainer]
       [-e|--uploader=uploader]   [-k|--keyid=key-id]   [--debbuildopt=option]
       [--debbuildopts=options] [--purge=purge-mode] [--purge-deps=purge-mode]
       [-b|--batch]          [-n|--nolog]           [--setup-hook=hook-script]
       PACKAGE1_VERSION[.dsc]                          [PACKAGE2_VERSION[.dsc]


       This man page documents the packaged version of sbuild.   This  version
       is   maintained  by  the  buildd-tools  project  developers  on  Alioth

       There is also a version maintained by Ryan Murray which is  adapted  to
       build daemon needs, with similar functionality.  This version should be
       equally capable of working in a buildd  setup,  but  has  a  number  of
       enhancements aimed at making it suitable for use by end-users.


       sbuild  rebuilds  Debian  binary packages from the corresponding Debian
       source.  It is similar to dbuild and debbuild,  but,  unlike  them,  it
       knows about source dependencies.

       sbuild  can  fetch  the  Debian  source  over  a network, or it can use
       locally available sources.

       sbuild mails the build logs  to  a  user.   It  is  configured  by  the
       configuration   files   /etc/sbuild/sbuild.conf  and  ~/.sbuildrc.   An
       example          sbuildrc           is           available           in
       /usr/share/doc/sbuild/examples/example.sbuildrc.   sbuild  will not run
       without a valid ~/.sbuildrc.

       Optionally,      source      dependencies      are      read       from
       /var/lib/sbuild/source-dependencies-*;   see   that   file   for   more
       information on source-dependencies.  Also see README.Debian.

       You can build either using a local package with  its  .dsc  file  or  a
       remote one by specifying an explicit dpkg version.

       Note: sbuild must be run in the directory (~/build by default) with the
       chroot-{stable,testing,unstable} symlink to the chroot or  it  will  do
       the  build  in the base install which is not what you want.  When using
       schroot, these requirements do not apply. If the -c or --chroot  option
       is  used,  the  specified  chroot  will  be used. Otherwise, the chroot
       having the name (or alias) of the specified distribution will be  used;
       schroot     uses    a    chroot    named    $distribution-$arch-sbuild,
       $distribution-sbuild, $distribution-$arch  or  $distribution,  in  that
       order of preference.


       -h, --help
              Display this manual.

       -V, --version
              Print version information.




              These  options  add  a  build dependencies to the source package
              being built, in addition to  the  build  dependency  information
              specified   in   debian/control.   These  dependencies  will  be
              concatenated directly  to  the  Build-Depends,  Build-Conflicts,
              Build-Depends-Indep   and   Build-Conflicts-Indep  dependencies,
              respectively.  The options may be used any number  of  times  to
              add  multiple  dependencies.   The  format  is  identical to the
              format used in debian/control.

              Build  using  the  architecture  specified.   A   chroot   named
              $distribution-$arch-sbuild  or  $distribution-arch  is  searched
              for, in that order of preference.  The chroot must be  installed
              and configured appropriately to build as that architecture, e.g.
              using personality=linux32 to build i386  packages  on  an  amd64

       -A, --arch-all
              Also    build    Architecture:    all    packages,    i.e.   use
              dpkg-buildpackage -b instead of -B.

       -b, --batch
              Operate in batchmode, i.e. write a  build-progress  file  during
              execution and files on shutdown to facilitate a clean restart.

       -c, --chroot
              Use  the  specified chroot. If not specified, the default is the
              first   of   $distribution-$arch-sbuild,   $distribution-sbuild,
              $distribution-$arch or $distribution that exists.

       -C, --check-depends-algorithm=algorithm
              Selects  the  algorithm  to  check  for  build dependencies. The
              default algorithm (‘first-only’) just checks the first  package,
              even if there are alternative dependencies available. The second
              algorithm (‘alternatives’)  also  tries  to  satisfy  the  build
              dependencies using these alternatives.

       -d, --dist=distribution
              Fetch source packages from specified distribution.

              Communicate with specified archive.

       -f, --force-depends=dependency-line
              This  option  overrides  source  dependency  information  for  a
              package. It can be given more than one  time  with  accumulating
              effect.  The  argument  is  a line of source dependencies in the
              same format as in /var/lib/sbuild/source-dependencies.

       -D, --debug
              Enable debug output.

              Run apt-get update in the chroot before executing the build.

       -m, --maintainer=maintainer
              Passed to dpkg-genchanges and is used  to  set  the  Maintainer:
              field  in  the  .changes file(s).  This defaults to the DEBEMAIL
              environment variable if set.

       -e, --uploader=uploader
              Passed to dpkg-genchanges and is used  to  set  the  Changed-by:
              field in the .changes file(s).

       -k, --keyid=key-id
              Passed to dpkg-genchanges and is used to set the key to sign the
              .changes file(s).  Default is not using any key.

              Pass the specified option directly to dpkg-buildpackage.

              Pass the specified options directly to  dpkg-buildpackage.   The
              options  should  be separated by spaces.  If any options contain
              spaces, use --debbuildopt instead.

       -n, --nolog
              Do not create a package log file in the $log_dir  directory  and
              no  build  log file, but print everything to stdout. Also do not
              send any log mails.

       -p, --purge=purge-mode
              purge-mode determines if the build  directory  will  be  deleted
              after   a   build.   Possible  values  are  always,  never,  and

       -p, --purge-deps=purge-mode
              purge-mode determines if the build dependencies will be  removed
              after   a   build.   Possible  values  are  always,  never,  and

       -s, --source
              Also build source package, i.e.  use  dpkg-buildpackage  without

              When  used  with  in conjunction with -s, this option forces the
              inclusion of the orig.tar.gz  file  in  the  generated  .changes
              file,  even  in  cases  where it would not normally be included,
              i.e. use dpkg-buildpackage -sa.

              Installs the latest snapshot gcc compiler from the  gcc-snapshot
              package,  and  alters  the build environment to use the snapshot
              compiler for the build.

       -v, --verbose
              Be verbose, i.e. all information goes to stdout as  well  as  to
              the log files.

       -q, --quiet
              Be quiet.  This is the opposite of --verbose.

              With  this  option,  sbuild will create a new changelog entry in
              debian/changelog of every package built. The version number will
              be  in  the  format  for  binary-only  NMUs  (see --binNMU); the
              maintainer is set to the maintainer name configured for  sbuild.
              changelog-entry  will  be  used as the changelog entry following
              “Binary-only  non-maintainer  upload  for  ARCH  --  no   source
              changes”.    Please    note    that    the   versions   in   the
              PACKAGE_VERSION[.dsc] arguments still have to be the  unmodified
              (non-NMU  ones)  so  that  the sources can be found. The version
              number in log  files  and  mails  will  be  modified  by  sbuild

              The  version  number  of the binary NMU.  This should be used in
              conjunction with --make-binNMU.  version is a single number  for
              the (+bn) format used for binary NMUs.

              This  option  is  similar to --make-binNMU except that it allows
              the user to specify an arbitrary string to be  appended  to  the
              version  number  (immediately  before  the  ’+’  in  the  Debian
              revision if --make-binNMU is also provided).

              Run the specified script  inside  the  chroot  before  building.
              This  script  may  perform  any required actions to customise or
              configure the chroot.  Note that the script will be  run  inside
              the  chroot,  and  so  the  script  must exist inside the chroot
              rather than the host system.


       The following environment variables are used by sbuild:

              The maintainer name of the user.

       HOME   The home directory of the user.

              Used in lockfiles.

              A URL for a Debian source distribution; generated by sbuild  for
              scripts in source-dependencies.

              A  URL for a Debian binary distribution; generated by sbuild for
              scripts in source-dependencies.


              Configuration, maintained by the system administrator.  This may
              be used to override the defaults.

              Directory  containing  symbolic  links to chroots.  This is only
              used for sudo chroot access; schroot  access  uses  the  schroot
              chroot configuration.

              User-specific configuration.

              Build statistics, source dependencies and lock files.


       Roman Hodek <>.

       sbuild  is based on debbuild, written by James Troup <>
       and has been modified by
       Ben Collins <>,
       Ryan Murray <>,
       Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>,
       Michael Banck <>, and
       Roger Leigh <>


       Copyright © 1998-2000 Roman Hodek <>
       Copyright © 1998-1999 James Troup <>
       Copyright © 2003-2006 Ryan Murray <>
       Copyright © 2001-2003 Rick Younie <>
       Copyright © 2003-2004 Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>
       Copyright © 2005      Michael Banck <>
       Copyright © 2005-2009 Roger Leigh <>


       sbuild-abort(1),           sbuild-adduser(8),            sbuild-apt(1),
       sbuild-checkpackages(1), sbuild-createchroot(8), sbuild-distupgrade(1),
       sbuild-hold(1),  sbuild-setup(7).   sbuild-shell(1),   sbuild-stats(1),
       sbuild-unhold(1), sbuild-update(1), sbuild-upgrade(1), schroot(1),