Provided by: clamav_0.96+dfsg-2ubuntu1_i386 bug


       sigtool - signature and database management tool


       sigtool [options]


       sigtool  can  be  used  to  generate  MD5  checksums, convert data into
       hexadecimal format, list virus signatures and  build/unpack/test/verify
       CVD databases and update scripts.


       -h, --help
              Output help information and exit.

       -V, --version
              Print version number and exit.

              Be quiet - output only error messages.

              Write all messages to stdout.

              Read data from stdin and write hex string to stdout.

       --md5 [FILES]
              Generate MD5 checksum from stdin or MD5 sigs for FILES.

       --mdb [FILES]
              Generate .mdb signatures for FILES.

              Create  normalised  HTML files comment.html, nocomment.html, and
              script.html in current working directory.

              Decode UTF16 encoded data.

              Extract VBA/Word6 macros from given MS Office document.

              Extract Word6 macros from given MS Office document  and  display
              the corresponding hex values.

       -i, --info
              Print  a CVD information and verify MD5 and a digital signature.

       -b, --build
              Build a CVD file. -s, --server is required.

              ClamAV Signing Service address (for virus  database  maintainers

       --unpack FILE, -u FILE
              Unpack FILE (CVD) to a current directory.

              Unpack a local CVD file (main or daily) to current directory.

       --diff=OLD NEW, -d OLD NEW
              Create a diff file for OLD and NEW CVDs/INCDIRs.

       --run-cdiff=FILE, -r FILE
              Execute update script FILE in current directory.

       --verify-cdiff=FILE, -r FILE
              Verify DIFF against CVD/INCDIR.

       -l[FILE], --list-sigs[=FILE]
              List  all  signature  names  from  the  local database directory
              (default) or from FILE.

       -fREGEX, --find-sigs=REGEX
              Find and display signatures from the  local  database  directory
              which match the given REGEX. The whole signature body (name, hex
              string, etc.) is checked.

       -fREGEX, --decode-sigs=REGEX
              Decode signatures read from the standard input (eg.  piped  from

       -fREGEX, --test-sigs=DATABASE TARGET_FILE
              Test all signatures from DATABASE against TARGET_FILE.


       Generate hex string from testfile and save it to testfile.hex:

              cat testfile | sigtool --hex-dump > testfile.hex


       Please check the full documentation for credits.


       Tomasz Kojm <>


       clamd(8),   clamdscan(1),   clamscan(1),  freshclam(1),  clamd.conf(5),