Provided by: ttmkfdir_3.0.9-6_i386 bug


       ttmkfdir - an utility for creating fonts.scale for TrueType fonts


       ttmkfdir [options] files...


       This manual page documents briefly the ttmkfdir command.

       ttmkfdir  is  a program for creating the fonts.scale files for TrueType


       A summary of options is included below.

       --help (or -h)
              Shows summary of options.

       --encoding (or -e) <encodings.dir>
              directory containing the encoding definitions (please  refer  to
              <>  for  more details).
              The       default        encodings.dir        location        is

       --font-dir (or -d) <directory>
              scan  directory  <directory> for TrueType font files (default is
              the current directory)

       --output (or -o) <filename>
              write output to file named <filename> (default is fonts.scale in
              current directory)

       --default-foundry (or -f) <foundry>
              use <foundry> name for unknown font vendors (default is ’misc’)

       --max-missing (or -m) <number>
              maximal  number  of  missing characters per encoding (default is
              5). This options applies to the encoding that has less than  256
              code-points definitions.

       --font-backend (or -b) <number>
              font  back-end type. For the X FreeType (xft) one use value ’1’,
              for the XTT one use value ’2’, default value is 1, X Free  Type.
              This option is required for TrueType Collection font (.ttc).

       --additional-entries (or -x) <number>
              for the XTT back-end: generate extra TTCaps stuff (f.ex. for the
              bold and italic support). For the  FreeType  back-end:  generate
              extra  "dummy"  XLFDs  for bold and italic. Defaults to ’0’, ’1’
              enables the option.

       --completeness (or -c)
              use less strict completeness tests for encoding tables

       -p     use panose information  (Panose  is  a  typeface  classification
              system which can be embedded in the font itself).


       You   can   find   more   about   Panose   system   on   this  website:


       Upstream author  is  Joerg  Pomnitz  <>.  This
       manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Miros/law L.
       Baran <> and then rewritten using the  original  RedHat
       README file by Yu Shao <>.