Provided by: maildir-utils_0.4-2_i386 bug


       mu-bookmarks.conf  -  file  with  search  query  bookmarks  for  the mu
       collection of Maildir utilities.


       mu-bookmarks.conf is  a  text  file  in  the  mu-home  directory  which
       contains bookmarks for search query for mu-find

       Please refer to the mu-find(1) manpage for discussion on how to use the
       bookmarks in search queries; here we discuss the format of the bookmark
       configuration file.

       The  bookmark  file  contains  one  or  more  bookmarks,  each with the
       following structure:

       [ <bookmark-name> ]

       expr= expression

       The bookmark name is some alphanumeric string, and the expression is  a
       search expression, as specified in mu-find(1).

       You  can  use  the  bookmark  as  a shorthand for any search expression
       except for search expressions that contain bookmarks themselves.

       Some examples:


            expr= x:’apple OR banana OR orange OR pineapple’

            expr= d:1d- s:[PATCH]


       mu-bookmarks.conf can be found in the .mu/  directory,  by  default  in


       Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>


       mu-find(1), mu(7)