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       shell-fm-config - Shell-fm configuration files




       shell-fm  config  files  are  composed  by  a  set of typical key=value


       username = theUsername
              Your Last.FM username.

       password = thePassword
              Your Last.FM password.

       np-file = /path/to/np-file
              If defined, Shell.FM will write information about the  currently
              played track to this file, every time a new track starts.

       np-file-format = formatString
              This defines the format of your np-file. See below for a list of
              available format flags.

       np-cmd = command
              If defined, Shell.FM will execute this command every time a  new
              track   is   played.    Accepts   the   same   format  flags  as

       default-radio = lastfm://...
              If defined, Shell.FM will start playing this stream on  startup.

       key0x?? = command
              (Where  ??  is  the  uppercase hexadecimal ASCII code of a key.)
              This makes Shell.FM execute the command whenever you  press  the
              defined  key.  The  command  string  may contain the same format
              flags as np-file-format. Useful for running scripts, e.g.  lyric

       ?-color = color-code
              Use  this  for  colored output, where ? may be one of the format
              flags characters supported (without leading  %).  Shell.FM  will
              then  color  the  strings  (if  your  terminal supports it). The
              color-code may be any console color code (escape  sequence,  but
              without  escape). See below for a list of available color codes.

       bind = ip|host
              Binds a socket to the given host so you can send simple commands
              to Shell.FM over a network to control it. For now, only the most
              common commands are supported: "skip",  "love",  "ban",  "quit",
              "play"   and  "info".  "play"  takes  a  radio  station  URI  as
              paramater. "info" takes a format string as  parameter  (same  as
              for np-file-format) and returns the string (formatted).

       port = thePort
              If  defined,  the  socket  interface  will be bound to this port
              instead of the default, 54311.

       extern = command
              On some platforms, Shell.FM is  still  unable  to  play  streams
              properly.  This  option  enables  you to use Shell.FM for stream
              control, but use another player for  the  playback.  The  stream
              will be written to STDIN of the external player.

       extern-restart = anything
              If  defined  (no  matter  what  value),  Shell.FM  will stop and
              restart the external player whenever the track changes.

       proxy = http://proxy-server
              Use proxy server for HTTP requests.

       expiry = time
              TTL of cached files in seconds.


       %a     Artist.

       %t     Track.

       %A     Album.

       %d     Track duration.

       %s     Station name.

       %u     Station URL.

       %U     Artist URL.

       %X     Album URL.

       %T     Track URL.

       %R     Remaining seconds of the played track.


       0;30 black (not very useful).

       1;30 dark gray.

       0;31 red.

       1;31 light red.

       0;32 green.

       1;32 light green.

       0;33 dark yellow/brown.

       1;33 yellow.

       0;34 blue.

       1;34 light blue.

       0;35 violet.

       1;35 pink.

       0;36 turquoise.

       1;36 cyan.

       0;37 gray.

       1;37 white.


              This is the per-user configuration file.


       Manpage written by Nacho Barrientos Arias  <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


       Report bugs to Debian BTS at


       Copyright  ©  2006-2007,  Jonas Kramer and others. Licensed under GPLv2