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       freedroidRPG  -  a  graphical single player role playing game featuring
       Tux the Linux mascot


       1. Introduction

       2. Install & Play

       3. Basic controls

       4. Known issues

       5. Screen resolution

       6. FAQ - Miscellaneous
               - Graphics
               - Sound
               - Level Editor & Developer

       7. Contact us

       8. Licence

1. Introduction

       This game tells the story of a world destroyed by  a  conflict  between
       the droids and their human masters.  Play as Tux in a quest to save the
       world from the murderous rebel droids who know no mercy.   You  get  to
       choose  which  path  you  wish  to  follow,  and  freedom  of choice is
       everywhere in the game.

       FreedroidRPG features a complete real time combat system with melee and
       ranged  weapons,  fairly similar to the proprietary game Diablo.  There
       also is an innovative system of magic, with  features  such  as  forced
       casting  and  over  20  spells.  You can use over 50 different kinds of
       items and fight countless enemies on your way to your destiny.  We have
       an  advanced  dialogue system, which aims at being at least on par with
       Fallout’s.  The dialogues in the game represent a  large  part  of  the
       gameplay.   Finally,  if  guns are too inaccurate and blades too messy,
       you can always take over your enemies and have them fight on your side.

2. Install & Play

       For  general  help  with installation, please refer to the INSTALL file
       located in the same folder as this  file.   Specific  instructions  for

       To  run  the game you normally just have to launch the executable.  For
       advanced options execute "freedroidRPG --help" (in a terminal) to get a
       list of commandline options.

3. Controls

       The  game is controlled using the mouse.  Left click onto the locations
       you want to move to.  Hold the button  down  to  keep  moving  in  that
       direction.  Holding down CTRL key will make you run.

       Left clicking an enemy will cause Tux to come close to the droid and to
       start attacking it with the current weapon.  If the current weapon is a
       gun then Tux will stand still and shoot the droid.

   Special functions
       Use the right click to activate the currently selected skill/program.

       Default  keys  (most keys can be reassigned with the ingame key chart -

       Escape .... Show main menu

       F1 ........... Show keychart

       F2 ........... Toggle fullscreen (Linux only)

       F3 ........... Quicksave

       F4 ........... Quickload

       F5-F12 .... Quick-select program 1 through 8

       I .............. Inventory panel

       C ............. Character panel

       S ............. Skills/Program panel

       Space ...... Close all open panels

       Q ............ Quest log

       0-9 .......... Use quick-inventory items 0-9

       P ............. Pause

       Hold A ..... Attack while staying at the same position

       Hold Shift Keep current target selected when moving

       Tab .......... Toggle automap

       R .............. Reload weapon

       Hold Ctrl .. Run

       U ............. Toggle always run

       Hold X ..... Show labels for items on the ground

       Z ............. Toggle show labels for items on the ground

       T ............. Toggle walls becoming transparent when  Tux  approaches
       (OpenGL only)

4. Known Issues

       *   Most   melee   and   ranged   weapons   only    have    placeholder
       laserswords/rifles  for their Tux holding and attack animations. If you
       are skilled with 3D modelling, please help us out to fix this.

       * Nvidia Geforce 8&9 cards: Transparency in  some  parts  of  the  game
       works  incorrectly.  E.g.  instead of making the walls semi transparent
       when Tux comes close (in "key T" mode), they vanish completely.

       * Using the tool IZarc to unpack the downloaded zip  breaks  the  game.
       IZarc  apparently  can  not handle filenames without extensions. Please
       use other options, e.g. 7zip, winzip, winrar etc, to  correctly  unpack
       the game.

       *  The  game will use the system language by default, you cannot select
       another language in-game.

       * Pulseaudio: Using SDL-pulseaudio you are currently likely to not  get
       sound.   This has nothing to do with FDRPG but with Pulseaudio and it’s
       plugins still in general being unmature.  We recomend using eg  SDL-esd
       or  SDL-alsa  until  these  problems  has  been fixed upstream.  If you
       manage to get a working config, do let us know so we  can  update  this
       entry with versionnumbers etc.

       *  AMD/ATI  R300  graphics  cards:  Mesa  6.5.2  does  not support user
       clipping planes which breaks the text in  freedroidRPG.   Upgrading  to
       Mesa 7 fixes this.

       * When playing in SDL windowed mode, teleporting has the side effect of
       changing the brightness of the whole screen instead of  just  the  game
       window,  if  the option (Options -> Performance Tweaks ->) Skip fadings
       is set to "NO".

       * Ubuntu: Changing language in game will  not  work  by  default  since
       Ubuntu does not ship with standard ISO locales, only UTF-8 versions.You
       will have to manually add them to make language selection work.
               1) In commandline write
                       sudo nano /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local
               2) Add the locales you are interested in, 1 entry on each line,
                       de_DE ISO-8859-15
                       fr_FR ISO-8859-15
                       sv_SE ISO-8859-15
                       ru_RU.cp1251 cp1251
                  and then exit with ctrl+x and yes to saving the changes.
               3) Run
                       sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
               4)  You should now be able to chose the corresponding languages
       in the in game menu.

5. Screen resolution

       There are a few hidden high resolution settings  only  accessible  from
       commandline.  They are badly tested and thus generally considered to be
       buggy and are unsupported.  They however can still be quite useful  for
       many, especially for widescreen LCDs in fullscreen mode.

       To  get  an  up-to-date list of available resolutions use "freedroidRPG

       Some known issues for the unsupported resolutions:
           - Portrait image in dialogs overflows its borders
           - Off center light radius
           - Incorrect text scrolling when talking to NPCs at times

6. FAQ

   Miscellaneous FAQ:
       Q: Do I have to have Linux to try out Freedroid/FreedroidRPG?

       A: While using Linux is greatly  recommended  for  the  sanity  of  the
       system  administrator,  FreedroidClassic and FreedroidRPG both have MS-
       Windows  executables  available.   Note  that  since  the  FreedroidRPG
       development  team  doesn’t  use  MS-Windows, it gets much less testing.
       Help with testing and feedback  from  Windows  users  thus  is  greatly

       Q:  How  can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list?  A: Freedroid
       has  two  mailing  list.   One  is  for  discussing  stuff  related  to
       Freedroid,  the other one is a list with auto-generated changelogs from
       our  developer  server  and  therefore  usually  only  interesting  for
       developers  themselves.  In any case, you can subscribe, unsubscribe or
       change your membership options from the following web page:

   Graphics FAQ:
       Q: The game is *extremely* slow on my system running Windows and  using
       OpenGL  output.   A:  It  might be that you’re using the OpenGL drivers
       that came with your operating system  from  Microsoft.   These  drivers
       don’t  use  hardware  acceleration  and  are  therefore extremely slow.
       You’ll have to download and install a real OpenGL  capable  driver  for
       you  graphics card.  Usually these can be downloaded from the home page
       of the graphics chip  manufacturer,  typically  Nvidia,  AMD/ATI,  etc.
       Note,  that  if you do absolutely cannot get OpenGL working reliably on
       your system, you can still run the game in pure SDL output  mode.   For
       this, you must either use a ’MS-DOS command line prompt’ and type

       freedroidRPG -n

       inside   this   command   line,   or  you  can  also  make  a  link  to
       freedroidRPG.exe and then edit the link properties and add the -n after
       freedroidRPG.exe in the link properties dialog box.

       Q:  The  game  is  *extremely*  slow  on  my  Linux machine with OpenGL
       enabled.  A: The reason  for  this  might  be  that  you’re  not  using
       hardware  accelerated  OpenGL.   Software OpenGL should be avoided.  If
       you don’t have hardware-accelerated OpenGL on your system (because e.g.
       your  graphics  card manufacturer doesn’t make suitable Linux drivers),
       you might be much better off when disabling OpenGL support  altogether.
       For this, you can use command line switch -n, i.e type

       freedroidRPG -n

       to start the game with OpenGL output disabled.  Graphics will revert to
       pure SDL mode.

   Sound FAQ:
       Q: My sound isn’t working with FreedroidRPG.  I  don’t  hear  anything.
       A:  1.)   Make  sure your sound is working with other applications.  If
       you don’t hear anything when trying to play simple  mp3  files  or  ogg
       files, then the sound system on your machine is not properly set up and
       it’s not a freedroid related problem.  In that case, you  must  install
       your sound card properly first.

       2.)  See if you have the SDL_mixer libraries installed.  You might want
       to use "locate SDL_mixer" and see if you get a lot of results.  If not,
       then  the  missing SDL_mixer library is the problem.  Also check if you
       have  libogg  and  libvorbis  installed.               3.)   If  you’re
       compiling  from  source,  make sure the ./configure script has properly
       detected the SDL_mixer library.  Just look at the  ./configure  output.
       There should be a line like:

       checking for Mix_ChannelFinished in -lSDL_mixer... yes

       If you get instead something like

       checking for Mix_ChannelFinished in -lSDL_mixer... no

       then  the ./configure script didn’t detect your SDL_mixer installation.
       You might want to make sure you’ve got  SDL_mixer  and  SDL_mixer_devel
       packages  installed or install SDL_mixer from source.  You can download
       everything from here:

       If you compiled from source, you’ll have to recompile now, because  the
       previous  compile  didn’t include the sound module of FreedroidRPG.  If
       the SDL_mixer stuff is installed properly, it  should  work  after  the

       Q:  My sound is lagging behind. Every sound seems to be somewhat out of
       sync.  A: There might be a sound daemon running on your  system.   Many
       window  managers  like  e.g.  KDE  start a sound daemon by default upon
       startup.  To get rid of the most common  sound  daemons,  you  can  try
       (best as root)

       killall -9 artsd killall -9 esd killall -9 yiff

       After  that,  you  might  want  to  try freedroid again.  The sound lag
       should not be present anymore.

   Level Editor & Developer FAQ:
       Q: Is there a Level editor?  A: Yes, we have a level editor  integrated
       into  FreedroidRPG.   It  can  be  accessed from the main menu.  It has
       tooltips on every button to help you find your way.  Play  around  with
       it a bit by yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance on IRC or
       the mailing list.

       Q: How can I get the latest development version of the game?   A:  This
       is  very  simple  when  using  Linux.   You  can find the details here: If you are using Windows we
       recomend  using  a  tool  like eg If you
       still run into problems, best again discuss it with the people  on  the
       freedroid-discussion mailing list.

       Q:  I want to help out with FreedroidRPG development.  What should I do
       first?  A: Best thing is to first subscribe to the freedroid-discussion
       mailing  list.   Then  the  next  thing  to  do  is  to  get the latest
       development version of the game from SVN, then to either make  a  small
       patch  right  away  or to discuss anything bigger you have in mind with
       the people on the discussion mailing list, so it can  be  assured  that
       all  the  developers  are pulling in the same direction and know what’s
       going on  and  who  is  working  on  what.   If  you  are  new  to  the
       Sourceforge,  you  should  also  take  at  least  a  brief  look at our
       Sourceforge  project  pages.   You  can  find  the   main   page   here   and  other  relevant  pages
       should be reachable from there.

       Q: How can I add a character to FreedroidRPG?  A: This involves several
       steps: 1. A new map label must be created, so that the game knows where
       to place the new character inside the game.  2. A dialog section should
       be  written,  so that there can be some interaction (other than combat)
       with this character.   3.  The  dialog  section  should  get  a  number
       associated  with it, which involves some very minor modification of the
       program code.  4. An entry in the character list has to  be  added,  so
       that  the  new  character  will be added in any new games from then on.
       (Old saved games will remain unaffected.)  You  can  specify  what  the
       character  should  look  like,  i.e. what model should be used for your
       character  and  stuff  like  that.   Hint:   Best  send  word  to   the
       developers.   We’ll  be  happy  to  help  or  also  to  include the new
       character in the next version of the game, if  it  comes  with  a  good

7. Contact

       Website       ................

       IRC channel   ................ #freedroid on

       Mailing           list            ................           freedroid-

       Sourceforge              project               page                 ...

8. Licence

       The  game  itself  is  licensed under GPL.  Some other tools use a more
       permissive license, please refer to the FILES file located in the  same
       folder as this file.