Provided by: vegastrike_0.5~svn12126-2_i386 bug


       vegastrike - Trade, Fight and Explore the Universe




       vegastrike [-ddata_dir] [-px,y,z] [-jsector/starsystem] missionname

       The  recommended  way  to  run Vega Strike is to first run vsinstall to
       configure your system and play the game.


       vsinstall  script  Sets  up  the  default   save   game,   copies   the
       vegastrike.config  file  to a user’s ~/.vegastrike-0.4.x directory  and
       runs vssetup from the proper directory (and runs the game  afterwards).

       vssetup  binary  This  binary  is called by vsinstall to do the initial
       setup of vegastrike. It can also be used again by running  the  command
       while in the directory ~/.vegastrike-0.4.x.

       vegastrike binary Begins Vega Strike with the selected XML mission file
       (full path necessary) and the save game appearing as the only  text  in


              specifies  /my/data/dir  as the path for finding the vega strike
              data. Default is /usr/share/games/vegastrike/data

              Forces the player’s starting location to be at x= 1024, y= 2405,

              Forces  the player to start in the troy system in gemini sector.

              Specifies  a  mission  for  vegastrike  to   run.   Default   is


       Vega     Strike      expects      a      configuration      file      (
       (~/.vegastrike-0.4.x/vegastrike.config)  ),  which   is   modified   by
       vsinstall using the --setup or setup switch.
       A  simple  illustration  of  how  to  adjust  vegastrike.config and the
       associated keybindings and options is in the readme.txt file in
       /usr/share/doc/vegastrike        or         in         color         at


       vegastrike  is  available  thanks to the work of many developers. For a
       listing     of     the     authors,     please     see     the     file
       /usr/share/doc/vegastrike/AUTHORS  A  more complete and updated listing
       can be found at


       vegastrike can be distributed under the terms of  the  GPL  license.  A
       copy of the license can be found under /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL


              The vegastrike engine.
              The Setup utility.
              Internal installer program
              The vegastrike data files
              User-specific configuration file
              Directory containing user specific data managed by vegastrike.
              The Vegastrike Account Server version 0.0.1
              The Vegastrike Server version 0.2
              Binary only used by vegastrike binary