Provided by: module-init-tools_3.12-1ubuntu2_i386 bug


       insmod - simple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel


       insmod [ filename ]  [ module options... ]


       insmod  is a trivial program to insert a module into the kernel: if the
       filename is a hyphen, the module is taken  from  standard  input.  Most
       users  will  want  to use modprobe(8) instead, which is more clever and
       can handle module dependencies.

       Only the most general of error messages are reported: as  the  work  of
       trying  to  link  the  module  is now done inside the kernel, the dmesg
       usually gives more information about errors.


       This  manual  page  originally  Copyright  2002,  Rusty  Russell,   IBM
       Corporation. Maintained by Jon Masters and others.


       modprobe(8), rmmod(8), lsmod(8) modinfo(8)

                                  2010-03-01                         INSMOD(8)