Provided by: tor-arm_1.4.0.1-2_all bug


       arm - Terminal Tor status monitor


       arm [OPTION]


       The  anonymizing  relay  monitor (arm) is a terminal status monitor for
       Tor relays, intended for command-line aficionados, ssh connections, and
       anyone  stuck  with  a  tty terminal. This works much like top does for
       system usage, providing real time statistics for:
         * bandwidth, cpu, and memory usage
         * relay's current configuration
         * logged events
         * connection details (ip, hostname, fingerprint, and consensus data)
         * etc

       Defaults and interface properties are configurable via a user  provided
       configuration  file  (for  an  example  see the provided armrc.sample).
       Releases and information are available at


       -i, --interface [ADDRESS:]PORT
              tor  control   port   arm   should   attach   to   (default   is

       -c, --config CONFIG_PATH
              user provided configuration file (default is ~/.armrc)

       -b, --blind
              disable connection lookups (netstat, lsof, and ss), dropping the
              parts of the interface that rely on this information

       -e, --event EVENT_FLAGS
              flags for tor, arm, and torctl events to be logged  (default  is

                d DEBUG      a ADDRMAP           k DESCCHANGED   s STREAM
                i INFO       f AUTHDIR_NEWDESCS  g GUARD         r STREAM_BW
                n   NOTICE       h   BUILDTIMEOUT_SET    l   NEWCONSENSUS    t
                w   WARN         b   BW                  m   NEWDESC         u
                e   ERR          c   CIRC                p   NS              v
                             j CLIENTS_SEEN      q ORCONN
                  DINWE tor runlevel+            A All Events
                  12345 arm runlevel+            X No Events
                  67890 torctl runlevel+         U Unknown Events

       -v, --verion
              provides version information

       -h, --help
              provides usage information


              Your personal arm configuration file

              Sample armrc configuration file that documents all options


       Written by Damian Johnson (

                                27 August 2010                          arm(1)