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       SMPlayer - The best GUI frontend for MPlayer


       smplayer  [-minigui] [-mpcgui] [-defaultgui] [-config-path <directory>]
       [-send-action       <action_name>]       [-actions       <action_list>]
       [[-no]-close-at-end]  [[-no]-fullscreen]  [-sub  <subtitle_file>] [-pos
       <x>    <y>]     [-size     <width>     <height>]     [-add-to-playlist]
       [-help|--help|-h|-?] [[-playlist] <media1>] [[-playlist] <media2>]...


       SMPlayer  is  a GUI media player based on Qt 4, using mplayer(1) as its


              Open the mini GUI instead of the default one.

              Open the mpc GUI instead of the default one.

              Open the default gui.

       -config-path <directory>
              Specify the directory for the configuration files (smplayer.ini,

       -send-action <action_name>
              Try to make a connection to another running instance and send to
              it the specified action.

              Example: smplayer -send-action pause

              The rest of options (if any) will be ignored and the application
              will exit. It will return 0 on success or -1 on failure.

       -actions <action_list>
              <action_list>  is  a  list  of  actions separated by spaces. The
              actions will be executed just after loading the file (if any) in
              the  same  order  as  input. For switchable actions you can pass
              true or false as parameter.

              Example: smplayer "fullscreen compact true"

              Quotes are necessary in case you pass more than one action.

              Close the main window when the file/playlist finishes.

              Do not close the main window when the file/playlist finishes.

              Play the video in fullscreen mode.

              Play the video in windowed mode.

       -sub   Specify the subtitle file to be  loaded  (for  the  first  video

       -pos <x> <y>
              Specify the coordinates where the main window will be displayed.

       -size <width> <height>
              Specify the size of the main window.

       -h, -help, --help, -?
              Show the help message and then exit.

              If there is another instance running, the media will be added to
              that instance's playlist. If there is no  other  instance,  this
              option  will  be  ignored  and the files will be opened in a new

       <media1> <media2> ...
              Any kind of file that SMPlayer can open. It can be a local file,
              a  DVD (e.g. dvd://1), an Internet stream (e.g. mms://....) or a
              local playlist in format m3u or pls. If the -playlist option  is
              used, that means that SMPlayer will pass the -playlist option to
              MPlayer, so MPlayer will handle the playlist, not SMPlayer.




       The author of SMPlayer is Ricardo Villalba <>.

       This manual page was written by Matvey Kozhev <>  for
       the  Ubuntu  project  (but may be used by others).  Has been updated by
       greengreat <> for the SMPlayer project (July 2009).

       Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify  this  document
       under  the  terms  of  the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or any
       later version published by the  Free  Software  Foundation.  On  Debian
       systems,  the  complete  text  of the GNU General Public License can be
       found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL.


       Please submit bugs to