Provided by: alsa-utils_1.0.24.2-0ubuntu6_i386 bug


       speaker-test - command-line speaker test tone generator for ALSA


       speaker-test [-options]


       speaker-test  generates a tone that can be used to test the speakers of
       a computer.


       -c | --channels NUM
              NUM channels in stream

       -D | --device NAME
              PCM device name NAME

       -f | --frequency FREQ
              sine wave of FREQ Hz

       --help Print usage help

       -b | --buffer TIME
              Use buffer size of TIME microseconds.  When 0 is given, use  the
              maximal buffer size.  The default value is 0.

       -p | --period TIME
              Use  period  size  of  TIME  microseconds.  When 0 is given, the
              periods given by -P option is used.  The default value is 0.

       -P | --nperiods PERIODS
              Use number of periods.  The default value is 4.

       -r | --rate RATE
              stream of RATE Hz

       -t | --test pink|sine|wav
              -t pink means use pink noise (default).

              Pink noise is perceptually uniform noise -- that is,  it  sounds
              like  every  frequency at once.  If you can hear any tone it may
              indicate resonances in your speaker system or room.

              -t sine means to use sine wave.

              -t wav means to play WAV  files,  either  pre-defined  files  or
              given via -w option.

              You can pass the number from 1 to 3 as a backward compatibility.

       -l | --nloops COUNT

              Specifies the number of loops.  Zero means to run infinitely.

              When -s option below with a valid channel is given, speaker-test
              will perform always a single-shot without looping.

       -s | --speaker CHANNEL
              Do a single-shot  speaker  test  for  the  given  channel.   The
              channel number starts from 1.  The channel number corresponds to
              left, right,  rear-left,  rear-right,  center,  LFE,  side-left,
              side-right, and so on.

              For  example,  when  1 is passed, it tests the left channel only
              once rather than both channels with looping.

       -w | --wavfile
              Use the given WAV file for the playback instead  of  pre-defined
              WAV files.

       -W | --wavdir
              Specify  the  directory  containing WAV files for playback.  The
              default path is /usr/share/sounds/alsa.


       Produce stereo sound from one stereo jack:
         speaker-test -Dplug:front -c2

       Produce 4 speaker sound from two stereo jacks:
         speaker-test -Dplug:surround40 -c4

       Produce 5.1 speaker sound from three stereo jacks:
         speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6

       To send a nice low 75Hz tone  to  the  Woofer  and  then  exit  without
       touching any other speakers:
         speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -s1 -f75


       The  speaker-test  program  was written by James Courtier-Dutton.  Pink
       noise support was added by Nathan Hurst.  Further extensions by Takashi