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       [/etc/]opiekeys   -   OPIE   database   of  user  key


       The opiekeys file contains user information  used  by
       the OPIE software to authenticate users. The opiekeys
       file  is  backwards   compatible   with   the   S/Key
       /etc/skeykeys  database file, but only if the hashing
       algorithm (MD4 and MD5) is the same between S/Key and
       OPIE  (i.e., MD5 OPIE cannot use MD4 S/Key keys). The
       opiekeys file consists of  six  fields  separated  by
       spaces  (tabs  are  properly  interpreted, but spaces
       should be used instead) as follows:

       Field         Description
       name          User's login name.
       sequence      User's sequence number.
       seed          User's seed.
       key           User's last response (hex).
       date          Last change date.
       time          Last change time.


       opie(4),  opiekeys(5),  opiepasswd(1),   opieinfo(1),
       opiesu(1), opielogin(1), opieftpd(8)


       Bellcore's  S/Key  was  written by Phil Karn, Neil M.
       Haller, and John S.  Walden  of  Bellcore.  OPIE  was
       created at NRL by Randall Atkinson, Dan McDonald, and
       Craig Metz.

       S/Key is a trademark of Bell Communications  Research


       OPIE  is  discussed  on  the  Bellcore  "S/Key Users"
       mailing list. To join, send an email request to: