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       rel - Release resource file


       The release resource file specifies which applications are are included
       in a release (system) based on Erlang/OTP.

       This file is used by the functions in systools  when  generating  start
       scripts ( .script , .boot ) and release upgrade files ( relup ).


       The release resource file should be called Name.rel .

       The  .rel  file  contains  one  single  Erlang  term, which is called a
       release specification . The file has the following syntax:

       {release, {RelName,Vsn}, {erts, EVsn},
         [{Application, AppVsn} |
          {Application, AppVsn, Type} |
          {Application, AppVsn, IncApps} |
          {Application, AppVsn, Type, IncApps}]}.

         * RelName = string() is the name of the release.

         * Vsn = string() is the version of the release.

         * EVsn = string() is the version of ERTS the release is intended for.

         * Application = atom() is the name of an application included in  the

         * AppVsn  = string() is the version of an application included in the

         * Type = permanent | transient | temporary | load | none is the start
           type of an application included in the release.

           If  Type = permanent | transient | temporary , the application will
           be   loaded   and   started   in   the   corresponding   way,   see
           application(3erl)  .  If Type = load , the application will only be
           loaded. If Type = none , the application will be neither loaded nor
           started, although the code for its modules will be loaded. Defaults
           to permanent

         * IncApps = [atom()] is a list of applications that are  included  by
           an application included in the release.

           The list must be a subset of the included applications specified in
           the application resource file (  )  and  overrides
           this value. Defaults to the empty list.

       The   list   of   applications  must  contain  the  kernel  and  stdlib


       application(3erl), relup(5), systools(3erl)