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        expect  rlogin ( ) EXPECT_PROMPT EXPECT_PROMPT

           set prompt "(%|#|\\$) $"          ;# default prompt
           catch {set prompt $env(EXPECT_PROMPT)}

           expect -re $prompt

        expect  echo

        ftp'f', 't', 'p', '>'  <blank> blank  blank

       X* * X "" I/O



        timeout expect  - eof  -

       tty   newline    carriage   return,   linefeed   2   printf("foo\nbar")

        expect_user  newline Expect  raw (telnet ) ( newline )  raw

        newline "stty raw" stty raw  cooked

       interact  raw

       Expect ()

       UNIX setgid

       , Expect ()  750 (-rwxr-x---) trusted group /bin/sh
        2751 (-rwxr-s--x)

       () Expect

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       Don Libes, National Institute of Standards and Technology

       Tcl John Ousterhout Scott Paisley Expect  Rob Savoye

       HISTORY expect

       Expect  NIST

                               29 December 1994                      EXPECT(1)