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       srec_info - information about EPROM load files


       srec_info [ option...  ] filename...
       srec_info -Help
       srec_info -VERSion


       The  srec_info  program is used to obtain input about EPROM load files.
       It reads the files specified, and then presents statistics about  them.
       These  statistics  include: the file header if any, the execution start
       address if any, and the address ranges covered by the data if any.


       Input may be qualified in two ways: you may specify a data  file  or  a
       data  generator.   format and you may specify filters to apply to them.
       An input file specification looks like this:
              data-file [ filter ... ]
              data-generator [ filter ... ]

   Data Files
       Input from data files is specified by file name and  format  name.   An
       input file specification looks like this:
              filename [ format ][ -ignore-checksums ]
       The  default  format  is  Motorola S-Record format, but many others are
       also understood.

   Data Generators
       It is also possible to generate data, rather than read it from a  file.
       You  may  use  a  generator  anywhere  you  could use a file.  An input
       generator specification looks like this:
              -GENerate address-range -data-source
       Generators include random data and various forms of constant data.

   Common Manual Page
       See srec_input(1) for  complete  details  of  input  specifiers.   This
       description in a separate manual page because it is common to more than
       one SRecord command.


       The following options are understood:

               The named  text  file  is  read  for  additional  command  line
               arguments.  Arguments are separated by white space (space, tab,
               newline, etc).  There is no wildcard mechanism.   There  is  no
               quoting  mechanism.   Comments, which start with '#' and extend
               to the end of the line, are ignored.  Blank lines are ignored.

               Provide some help with using the srec_info program.

               The -ignore-checksums option may be used  to  disable  checksum
               validation  of  input  files,  for  those  formats  which  have
               checksums at all.  Note that the checksum values are still read
               in and parsed (so it is still an error if they are missing) but
               their values are not checked.  Used after an input  file  name,
               the  option  affects that file alone; used anywhere else on the
               command line, it applies to all following files.

               This option may be used to enable warnings  about  input  files
               where  the  data  records are not in strictly ascending address
               order.  Only one warning is issued  per  input.   This  is  the
               default.   Note:  the  output  of srec_cat(1) is always in this

               This option may be used to disable warnings about  input  files
               where  the  data  records are not in stricyly ascending address

               Use  this  option  to  permit  a  file  to   contain   multiple
               (contradictory)  values  for  some memory locations.  A warning
               will be printed.  The last value in the file will be used.  The
               default is for this condition to be a fatal error.

               Print the version of the srec_info program being executed.

       All other options will produce a diagnostic error.

       All  options  may be abbreviated; the abbreviation is documented as the
       upper case letters, all lower case  letters  and  underscores  (_)  are
       optional.  You must use consecutive sequences of optional letters.

       All  options  are  case insensitive, you may type them in upper case or
       lower case or a combination of both, case is not important.

       For example: the arguments "-help", "-HEL" and "-h" are all interpreted
       to  mean the -Help option.  The argument "-hlp" will not be understood,
       because consecutive optional characters were not supplied.

       Options and other command line arguments may be  mixed  arbitrarily  on
       the command line.

       The  GNU  long option names are understood.  Since all option names for
       srec_info are long, this means ignoring the  extra  leading  "-".   The
       "--option=value" convention is also understood.


       The  srec_info  command will exit with a status of 1 on any error.  The
       srec_info command will only exit with a status of 0  if  there  are  no


       srec_info version 1.56
       Copyright  (C)  1998,  1999,  2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,
       2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Peter Miller

       The srec_info program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO  WARRANTY;  for  details
       use  the  'srec_info  -VERSion License' command.  This is free software
       and you are welcome to redistribute it under  certain  conditions;  for
       details use the 'srec_info -VERSion License' command.


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