Provided by: xscreensaver-data_5.14-1ubuntu1_i386 bug


       xscreensaver-getimage-video - put a video frame on the root window


       xscreensaver-getimage-video  [-display host:display.screen] [--verbose]


       The xscreensaver-getimage-video program is a  helper  program  for  the
       xscreensaver hacks that manipulate images.  Specifically, it is invoked
       by xscreensaver-getimage(1)  as  needed.   This  is  not  a  user-level

       This  program  grabs  a  random  frame of video from the system's video
       input, and then loads it on the root window.  It does this by  figuring
       out  which  frame-grabbing  programs  are  installed on the system, and
       invoking    the    first    one    it    finds.      Then    it    runs
       xscreensaver-getimage-file(1) to load that image onto the root window.


       xscreensaver-getimage-video accepts the following options:

           Print diagnostics.

           Instead  of  loading  the  image  onto the root window, write it to
           stdout as a PBM file.


       X(1), xscreensaver(1), xscreensaver-demo(1),  xscreensaver-getimage(1),
       xscreensaver-getimage-file(1),   bttvgrab(1),   qcam(1),   streamer(1),
       atitv(1), vidtomem(1)


       Copyright (C) 2001 by Jamie Zawinski.  Permission to use, copy, modify,
       distribute,  and  sell  this  software  and  its  documentation for any
       purpose  is  hereby  granted  without  fee,  provided  that  the  above
       copyright  notice  appear  in  all  copies and that both that copyright
       notice and this permission notice appear in  supporting  documentation.
       No  representations are made about the suitability of this software for
       any purpose.  It  is  provided  "as  is"  without  express  or  implied


       Jamie Zawinski <>, 14-Apr-01