Provided by: angband_3.2.0-1_i386 bug


       angband - is a graphical dungeon adventure game in the vein of rogue


       angband [options] [-- suboptions]


       This  manual  page  explains the Debian package angband .  Angband is a
       single-player,  graphical  dungeon   adventure   game   using   textual
       characters  to  represent  the  walls  and  floors of a dungeon and the
       inhabitants therein, in the vein of rogue, hack,  nethack,  and  moria.
       Angband  3.2.0  is  an  official  stable  release incorporating all the
       changes and improvements added since the last official stable release (
       Angband 3.0.9b).

       This  version  of  Angband  has  been  compiled  with ncurses and the X
       Windowing system, SDL and GTK front-ends, and hence can be played on  a
       virtual  console as well as under X.  In the latter cases, the game can
       use multiple windows.


       -h        Print out a usage message.
       -n        Start a new character
       -w        Request wizard mode (no high score entry)
       -g        Request graphics mode
       -r        Rebalance monsters
       -s<num>   Show <num> high scores
       -u<who>   Use your <who> savefile
       -m<sys>   Use <sys> core code (e.g. gcu for console mode,  x11  or  sdl
                 for graphics)
                 Define  a  'lib'  dir  sub-path. Valid values of lib are help
                 info user bone save data apex xtra edit file


       To start with, you can just say angband -uTest, and that creates a save
       file  with  the file name ~/.angband/Angband/save/<UID>.Test.  The best
       place to get help is the program itself; help is reached by the command
       ?  and presents a menu of choices.

       Program  options  can  be  set   using  the  = command. To see what the
       various options mean, access the List of Options help menu with  the  ?




       This  manual  page  was written Manoj Srivastava <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system.