Provided by: ax25-tools_0.0.8-13.1ubuntu1_i386 bug


       axspawn - Allow automatic login to a Linux system.


       axspawn [--wait, -w]


       Axspawn  will  check  if  the  peer is an AX.25 connect, the callsign a
       valid Amateur Radio callsign, strip the  SSID,  check  if  UID/GID  are
       valid, allow a password-less login if the password-entry in /etc/passwd
       is "+" or empty; in every other case login will prompt for a password.

       Axspawn can create user accounts automatically.  You  may  specify  the
       user  shell, first and maximum user id, group ID in the config file and
       (unlike WAMPES) create a file "/etc/ax25/ax25.profile"  which  will  be
       copied to ~/.profile.


       Auto  accounting  is  a  security problem by definition. Unlike WAMPES,
       which creates an empty password field,  Axspawn  adds  an  "impossible"
       ('+')  password to /etc/passwd. Login gets called with the "-f" option,
       thus new users have the chance to login without a  password.  (I  guess
       this won't work with the shadow password system).

       Of  course axspawn does callsign checking: Only letters and numbers are
       allowed, the callsign must be longer than 4 characters and shorter than
       6 characters (without SSID). There must be at least one digit, and max.
       two digits within the call. The SSID must be within the range of 0  and
       15.  Please  drop  me a note if you know a valid Amateur Radio callsign
       that does not fit this pattern _and_ can be  represented  correctly  in


       -w, --wait
            Disables  the  prompting  for  a password if the password entry in
            /etc/passwd is either a "+" or blank.




       axspawn.conf(5), ax25d(8).


       Joerg Reuter DL1BKE <>