Provided by: rgmanager_3.0.12-2ubuntu5_i386 bug


       rgmanager - Resource Group (Cluster Service) Manager Daemon


       rgmanager  handles  management  of  user-defined cluster services (also
       known as resource groups).  This includes  handling  of  user  requests
       including service start, service disable, service relocate, and service
       restart.  The  service  manager  daemon  also  handles  restarting  and
       relocating services in the event of failures.


       The  service  manager  is  spawned  by an init script after the cluster
       infrastructure has been started and only functions when the cluster  is
       quorate and locks are working.

       During  initialization,  the  service manager runs scripts which ensure
       that all services are clear to be started.  After that,  it  determines
       which services need to be started and starts them.

       When  an  event  is  received,  members which are no longer online have
       their services taken away from them.  The event should  only  occur  in
       the case that the member has been fenced whenever fencing is available.

       When  a  cluster  member determines that it is no longer in the cluster
       quorum, the service manager stops all services  and  waits  for  a  new
       quorum to form.


       -f     Run in the foreground (do not fork).

       -d     Enable debug-level logging.

       -w     Disable internal process monitoring (for debugging).

       -N     Do  not perform stop-before-start.  Combined with the -Z flag to
              clusvcadm, this can be used to allow rgmanager  to  be  upgraded
              without stopping a given user service or set of services.



                                   Jan 2005                      clusvcmgrd(8)