Provided by: calibre_0.8.38+dfsg-1_all bug


       ebook-convert - part of calibre


       ebook-convert  input_file output_file [options]


       Convert an ebook from one format to another.

       input_file is the input and output_file is the output. Both must be specified as the first
       two arguments to the command.

       The output ebook format is guessed from the file extension of output_file. output_file can
       also  be  of the special format .EXT where EXT is the output file extension. In this case,
       the name of the output file is derived the name of the input file. Note that the filenames
       must not start with a hyphen. Finally, if output_file has no extension, then it is treated
       as a directory and an "open ebook" (OEB) consisting of  HTML  files  is  written  to  that
       directory.  These  files  are the files that would normally have been passed to the output

       After specifying the input and output file you can customize the conversion by  specifying
       various  options.  The available options depend on the input and output file types. To get
       help on them specify the input and output file and then use the -h option.

       For   full   documentation   of   the   conversion   system   see   http://manual.calibre-

       Whenever  you  pass  arguments  to  ebook-convert  that  have  spaces in them, enclose the
       arguments in quotation marks.


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              List builtin recipe names. You can create an ebook from a builtin recipe like this:
              ebook-convert "Recipe Name.recipe" output.epub


       The User Manual is available at

       Created by Kovid Goyal <>