Provided by: hwinfo_16.0-2.1_amd64 bug


       hwinfo - probe for hardware


       hwinfo [ options ]


       hwinfo is used to probe for the hardware present in the system. It can be used to generate
       a system overview log which can be later used for support.


       --debug level
              Set debug level.  The debug info is shown only in the log file. If  you  specify  a
              log file, the debug level is implicitly set to a reasonable value.

       --dump-db n
              Dump  hardware  data  base,  n is either 0 for the external data base, or 1 for the
              internal data base.

       --help Print a usage and exit.

       --log logfile
              Write info to logfile.

              Just a short listing.

              Show libhd version.

              Probe for the particular hardware item. Available hardware items  are:  all,  bios,
              block,  bluetooth,  braille,  bridge, camera, cdrom, chipcard, cpu, disk, dsl, dvb,
              fingerprint, floppy,  framebuffer,  gfxcard,  hub,  ide,  isapnp,  isdn,  joystick,
              keyboard,  memory, modem, monitor, mouse, netcard, network, partition, pci, pcmcia,
              pcmcia-ctrl, pppoe, printer, scanner, scsi, smp, sound,  storage-ctrl,  sys,  tape,
              tv, usb, usb-ctrl, vbe, wlan, and zip.


       Not all hardware can be detected.


       Steffen Winterfeldt <> - hwinfo
       Michal Svec <> - manual page