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       0alias — create quick scripts to run 0launch


       0alias ALIAS [INTERFACE [MAIN]]


       Having to keep typing the full URI for a program each time you want to run it with 0launch
       is annoying. 0alias will create a little script in your PATH to do it for you.


       A program can be invoked using 0launch:


       To avoid having to keep entering the URI, create an alias:

       0alias rox-edit

       To run Edit now:


       To select a different version, or check for updates:

       0alias rox-edit

       If an interface provides more than one program, you can specify which one to  use  instead
       of the default. e.g.

       0alias svn

       0alias svnadmin svnadmin

       (this  is  for  older  programs  that  use  MAIN;  for  newer programs you may need to use
       --command instead)


       -c=COMMAND, --command=COMMAND
              The generated script will execute COMMAND rather than the default ("run").

       -d=DIR, --dir=DIR
              Install the script into  directory  DIR,  rather  than  searching  for  a  suitable
              directory in $PATH.

       -h, --help
              Show the built-in help text.

       -m, --manpage
              Display  the  manpage  for the alias script given as the single argument. The alias
              can be an absolute pathname, or the name of a script  in  $PATH.  If  the  argument
              isn't  an  alias script, or if multiple arguments are given, then all arguments are
              passed to the system 'man' command. This allows you to alias your man command  like

              alias man='0alias --manpage'

       -r, --resolve
              Print the interface URI for the given alias script to stdout.

       -V, --version
              Display version information.


       Copyright (C) 2011 Thomas Leonard.

       You  may  redistribute  copies  of  this program under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
       Public License.


       Please report bugs to the developer mailing list:


       The Zero Install Injector was created by Thomas Leonard.


       0launch(1), 0desktop(1)

       The Zero Install web-site: