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       AMC-export - exports marks for AMC multiple choice exams.


       auto-multiple-choice export --module module --fich-notes marks.xml --fich-assoc assoc.xml
                            --fich-noms students-list.csv [--noms-encodage list-encoding]
                            --o output-file


       The command exports marks from an Auto Multiple Choice exam.

       --module module
           selects a module for export. See below for the modules included in the AMC standard

       --fich-notes marks.xml
           sets the marks file, generated by AMC-note(1).

       --fich-assoc assoc.xml
           sets the association file, generated by AMC-association-auto(1) and maybe modified for
           manual association.

       --fich-noms students-list.csv
           sets the students list file.

       --noms-encodage list-encoding
           selects an encoding for file students-list.csv (default is utf-8).

       --o output-file
           gives the output file name.

       --option-out options
           gives an option for selected module, in the form key=value (see below for possible
           options for each module). To specify multiple options, use --option several times.

       --sort sort-type
           sort the students names, depending on sort-type. If sort-type is l, use line number
           from students list file to sort. If sort-type is m, use mark (and name if marks are
           equal) to sort. If sort-type is i, use student number to sort. If sort-type is n, use
           name to sort (or line from students list if equal).

       --useall all
           if all is 0 or empty, only students with a scaned answer sheet appears in the output.
           If all is 1, all students in the students list appears in the output.


       With "--module ods", an OpenDocument (for use by OpenOffice or LibreOffice for example) is
       produced. The following options are recognized:

           gives a name for the exam, to be written on the beginning of the sheet.

           gives an short name for the exam, to be used as a tab name.

       With "--module CSV", a CSV file is produced. The following options are recognized:

           sets the decimal point (default is a dot).

           sets the encoding to use for output (default is utf-8).

           sets the character used between colums (default is a comma).

           sets the character used to enclose strings (default is a double quote).

           if true (value 1 for example), additional columns (with "CHECKED:" prefix) are
           included to give all the checked boxes on all the sheets. This can be used by an
           external program to retrieve all the checked boxes when marks are not sufficient.


       Alexis Bienvenüe <>
           Main author

       Jean Bérard
           Translation from French

       Georges Khaznadar
           Translation from French


       Copyright © 2008-2011 Alexis Bienvenüe

       This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License,
       version 2 or later.