Provided by: ants_1.9.2+svn680.dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       ConvertImagePixelType - part of ANTS registration suite


       ConvertImagePixelType infile.nii out.ext TYPE-OPTION


              ext is the extension you want, e.g. tif.  TYPE-OPTION  :  TYPE

       0      :  char

       1      :  unsigned char

       2      :  short

       3      :  unsigned short

       4      :  int

       5      :  unsigned int

       Note that some pixel types are not supported by some image formats. e.g.
              int is not supported by jpg.

              You  can  easily  extend  this  for  other pixel types with a few lines of code and
              adding usage info.  The image intensity will be scaled to the dynamic range of  the
              pixel type.  E.g. uchar => 0  (min), 255 (max).