Provided by: l2tp-ipsec-vpn_1.0.6-1_amd64 bug


       L2tpIPsecVpn - L2tp over IPsec VPN Manager applet for the GNOME Desktop


       L2tpIPsecVpn [options]


       This  GUI  is  not  a  network  manager plugin. However, it provides a systray icon in the
       indicator applet from which a non privileged user can establish and bring down  L2TP  over
       IPsec VPN connections.

       From there the user can add, remove and edit vpn connections.

       Editing allows configuring various options for IPsec, L2TP and PPP.

       Among  others,  the  user  can  configure  eg.  the  gateway,  the  use of either PSK or a
       certificate for authentication, various L2TP options as redial- timeout and  attempts  and
       of  course  all  important  PPP  options.  It  also allows you to configure PPP for tunnel
       splitting because you can add routes as you want.

       When applying your settings, all necessary configuration  files  are  written  accordingly
       (ipsec.conf, xl2tp.conf, options.xl2tpd, opensc.conf up and down scripts ...).

       It relies on Openswan and xl2tp packages as the underlying protocol handlers.

       You  can  also  use certificates on your local machine or, if e.g. OpenSC is installed and
       configured, even on a smart card to handle PPP authentication.

       The GUI automatically detects when network interfaces are going up or down and can (if  so
       configured) automatically establish or close VPN connections.


              Starts the connection editor dialog.

              Write  configuration  files  according  to the connection settings, must be started
              with root privileges, ie use gksudo as non root user.

              Delete all configuration files, must be started with root privileges, ie use gksudo
              as non root user.


       Werner Jaeger