Provided by: virtualbox_4.1.12-dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       VBoxHeadless - x86 virtualization solution


       Oracle  VM  VirtualBox  Headless  Interface  (C)  2008-2011  Oracle Corporation All rights

       -s, -startvm, --startvm <name|uuid>
              Start given VM (required argument)

       -n, --vnc
              Enable the built in VNC server

       -m, --vncport <port>
              TCP port number to use for the VNC server

       -o, --vncpass <pw>
              Set the VNC server password

       -v, -vrde, --vrde on|off|config
              Enable (default) or disable the VRDE server or don't change the setting

       -e, -vrdeproperty, --vrdeproperty <name=[value]> Set a VRDE property:
              "TCP/Ports" - comma-separated list of ports the VRDE server can bind to. Use a dash
              between  two  port numbers to specify a range "TCP/Address" - interface IP the VRDE
              server will bind to

       -c, -capture, --capture
              Record the VM screen output to a file

       -w, --width
              Frame width when recording

       -h, --height
              Frame height when recording

       -r, --bitrate
              Recording bit rate when recording

       -f, --filename
              File name when recording.  The  codec  used  will  be  chosen  based  on  the  file