Provided by: ants_1.9.2+svn680.dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform - part of ANTS registration suite


       ./WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform    ImageDimension    moving_image    output_image   -R
       fixed_image  MyWarp.nii.gz MyAffine.txt --use-NN (Nearest  Neighbor  Interpolator  option)
       ./WarpTimeSeriesImageMultiTransform    ImageDimension    fixed_image    output_image    -R
       moving_image    -i   MyAffine.txt    MyInverseWarp.nii.gz   --use-NN   (Nearest   Neighbor
       Interpolator option )

       you can also string together series of mappings --- e.g.:
              MyAffine.txt     MySecondAffine.txt      MyWarp.nii.gz    MySecondWarp.nii.gz    -i
              MyInverseAffine.txt    --- this can be an arbitrarily long series.

              For this program, your moving_image will be either a 3-D image with  vector  voxels
              or  a  4D  image with scalar voxels.  You must define whether the image is 3/4D via
              the first parameter to the program Output will be of the same type  as  input,  but
              will   be  resampled  to  the  domain  size  defined  by  the  -R  image  ...   See
              WarpImageMultiTransform  for more detailed usage