Provided by: afpfs-ng-utils_0.8.1-2_amd64 bug


       afpcmd - Transfer files over the networking using the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)


       afpcmd [-r [afp url]


       afpcmd is a command-line tool to help transfer files to and from a server using AFP.  This
       is typically either Netatalk or Mac OS or Mac OS X.

       This can be done as a non-root user. It offers either an interactive command-line (like  a
       traditional FTP client) or for batch retrievals.

       Do  not  confuse  this with the FUSE mounting tools (mount_afp, afpfsd, afp_client), which
       offer the ability to mount an entire filesystem.


       -r sets the recursive flag.

       afp url uses the standard AFP URL format.

AFP version support

       Look  at  the  afpfs-ng  documentation  for  more  information  on  specific  AFP  version
       compatibility information.

Batch mode

       Batch file transfers can be done in one of two ways:

       afpcmd -r [afp url to directory]

       This does a recursive transfer of all subdirectories and files locally.

       afpcmd [afp url to file]

       This transfers just the file locally.

       After either of these is finished, the command exits.

Interactive mode

       If  a  URL  is  provided  on  the  command line, afpcmd connects and enters the volume and
       directory specified.

       Standard readline keystrokes are enabled.  Command line competion (using tab) and  history
       (using up and down arrows) is provided. Local filename completion is enabled.

       Most common commands

       connect <afp URL>: Connect to server, change to volume and directory

       cd: Change directories on the server

       get <filename>: retrieve file

       get -r <directory>: Recursively retrieve the directory

       put <filename>: Upload file

       quit: Quit

       Conect/disconnect commands

       disconnect: Disconnect from current server

       passwd: Prompts for a new password without showing on screen

       user <user>: Set the user

       passwd: change the password on the server. Does not work.

       Remote directory commands

       pwd: Show current directory on server

       mkdir <directory>: create new directory

       rmdir <directory: remove directory

       ls or dir: show files in current directory

       Remote file commands

       mv or rename old_file new_file: Rename <old file> to <new file>

       touch <filename>: Create a blank file

       view <filename>: Show file

       chmod: <file> <mode>: Change the mode of a file on the server

       delete of rm: <file>: Remove file from the server

       Status commands

       status: Show status of the connection and details.  For debugging.

       df: Show the disk size and available blocks.

       Local commands

       lpwd: Show current local

       lcd: Change local directory

       Other commands

       help or ?: show help

       testafp: various tests for developers


       A typical usage of afpcmd is:

       afpcmd afp://username:password@servername/volume

       The complete syntax of a URL is:


       If a password of "-" is provided, the user is prompted for a password.


       Report bugs to the mailing list.