Provided by: aha_0.4.4-1_amd64 bug


        aha - Ansi HTML Adapter


       aha [options] [-f datei]


       aha takes SGR-colored Input and prints W3C conform HTML-Code.
       aha reads the Input from a file or stdin and writes HTML-Code to stdout.


       --help , -h , -?
              A help like this

       --black , -b
              Black Background and white "standard color"

       --pink , -p
              Pink Background

       --iso X , -i X
              Uses ISO 8859-X instead of utf-8. X must be 1..16

       --title X , -t X
              Gives the html output the title

       --line-fix , -l
              Uses  a  fix  for inputs using control sequences to change the cursor position like
              htop. It's a hot fix, it may not work with any program like htop. (See EXAMPLE)


       aha --help | aha --black --title "the awesome aha help"> aha-help.htm
              Creates an HTML file with the help of aha with black background

       colordiff oldfile.c newfile.c | aha > colordiff.htm
              Creates an HTML file with a colorful  diff-output  of  two  files  "oldfile.c"  and
              "newfile.c" with white background

       ls --color=always | aha --pink > ls.htm
              Creates an HTML file with a colorful ls-output with pink background.

       echo a | htop | aha --black --line-fix > htop.htm
              Creates  an  HTML  file with the output of htop. You have to use --line-fix due the
              other new-line-commands htop uses.


       Copyleft Alexander Matthes aka Ziz 2011


                                         August 31, 2011                                   aha(1)