Provided by: apper_0.7.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       apper - An application and package manager using PackageKit


       apper [--updates] [--settings] [--backend-details] [--install-mime-type | mime-type]
             [--install-package-name | name] [--install-provide-file | file] [--install-font-
             resource | font] [--install-catalog | file] [--remove-package-by-file | filename]
             [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]


       Apper is the interface for PackageKit

       Apper is able to manage packages, applications and updates  in  a  cross-distribution  way
       thanks to the PackageKit project.

       It  is  providing Linux users a single application that they can learn and use in whatever
       distribution they are.


              Show available updates

              Show Apper configuration page.

       --backend-details name
              Display information about the backend PackageKit uses at time.

       --install-mime-type mime-type
              Call the mime-type installer.

       --install-package-name name
              Install package with the name name.

       --install-provide-file file
              Install package providing file file.

       --install-font-resource font
              Install a font resource.

       --install-catalog file
              Install the package catalog in file.

       --remove-package-by-file filename
              Remove a package containing file filename.


       More information about Apper can be found at the Apper website ⟨
       content/show.php/Apper?content=84745⟩ .


       The  maintainer  of  Apper  is Daniel Nicoletti <>; This manual page was
       written by Matthias Klumpp <>.

                                            2011-10-10                                   apper(1)