Provided by: arrayprobe_2.0-3.2_amd64 bug


       arrayprobe - command line HP (Compaq) SmartArray status checker


       arrayprobe [-f device] [-r] [-o] [-i]


       This  program  is  capable  of  checking the status HP (Compaq) array controllers (devices
       using the Linux cciss and ida drivers). By default it runs in a non verbose mode that  can
       be used as a nagios check or periodic cron job.


       -f <device>
              Device to open.

       -r     Report (verbose) mode.

       -o     Only read new events (since last run, CCISS devices only).

       -i <host>
              Force ida ioctls. (use with -f if the device is supported by the ida driver)


       The  output  is  a single line of information about the worst state found. (If one logical
       drive is recovering and a second drive is in interim recovery mode. It  will  only  report
       the  failing  drive.)  The exitcodes can be used to determine the severity.  The following
       exit values are returned:

       0      Normal.

       1      Warning.

       2      Critical.


       None known.


       Hugo Trippaers <>