Provided by: emacs23-common_23.3+1-1ubuntu9_all bug


       b2m - convert old Emacs Rmail Babyl format to mbox format


       b2m < babyl-file > mbox-file


       b2m  accepts  Babyl  format  mail  (as  used  by  older versions of Rmail in GNU Emacs) on
       standard input, and converts it to mbox format on standard output.  Babyl was the  storage
       format used by Rmail prior to Emacs 23.1.  Since then, it uses standard mbox format.  This
       program is distributed with GNU Emacs.


       The program accepts unambiguous abbreviations for long option names.

       -V, --version
              Display version information.

       -h, --help
              Display basic usage information.


       The Babyl format is described in the file etc/BABYL in the Emacs distribution.   Rmail  is
       documented  in  the GNU Emacs manual, which  you  can  read  using Info, either from Emacs
       or as a standalone program.


       b2m was originally written by Ed Wilkinson.  Francesco Potorti updated it according to the
       GNU coding standards.


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