Provided by: xymon_4.3.0~beta2.dfsg-9.1_i386 bug


       bb-datepage.cgi - Xymon CGI script to view pre-built reports by date


       bb-datepage.cgi?type={day,week,month} --url=URLPREFIX [options]


       bb-datepage.cgi  is  invoked as a CGI script via the CGI

       bb-datepage.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with  the
       type of time-selection that is desired: Either "day", "week" or "month"
       can be requested. It will then generate a  web  form  with  appropriate
       day/week/month  selection  boxes,  and  based on the users' selection a
       resulting url is built from the URLPREFIX and the time selection.   The
       browser is then redirected to this URL.

       The  URL  is  constructed  from  the URLPREFIX, the type-parameter, the
       value of the "pagepath" or "host" cookie, and the users'  selection  as

              The final URL is URLPREFIX/daily/YEAR/MONTH/DAY/PAGEPATH.

              The final URL is URLPREFIX/weekly/YEAR/WEEK/PAGEPATH.

              The final URL is URLPREFIX/monthly/YEAR/MONTH/PAGEPATH.

              YEAR  is  the  full year (4 digits, including century). MONTH is
              the two-digit number of the month (01..12). DAY is the number of
              the  day  in the month (01..31). WEEK is the ISO 8601:1988 week-
              number (01..53). PAGEPATH is the current value of the "pagepath"
              cookie  if  set;  if it is not set but the "host" cookie is set,
              then this host is looked up in the bb-hosts file  and  the  page
              where this host is found is used for PAGEPATH. These two cookies
              are set by the default web-header templates supplied with Xymon.


              This specifies the initial part of the final URL. This option is

              Specifies  the  template  files  (from $BBHOME/web/) to use. The
              default is "--hffile=report".

              Sets the background color of the generated webpage. The  default
              is blue.

              Loads  the  environment defined in FILENAME before executing the
              CGI script.

              Enables debugging output.

              HTML form template for the date selection form when type=daily.

              HTML form template for the date selection form when type=weekly.

              HTML  form  template  for   the   date   selection   form   when

              HTML header file for the generated web page

              HTML footer file for the generated web page


       BBHOME Used to locate the template files for the generated web pages.

              Contains the parameters for the CGI script.


       bbgen(1), bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5)