Provided by: bibtool_2.48alpha.2-4build1_amd64 bug


       BibTool - BibTeX file manipulation tool


       bibtool [options] [[file ... ]file]


       BibTool takes the following options

       -Ac    Kind of disambiguating keystrings: <c>=0|a|A

       -h     Print help info and exit

       -i  infile
              Specify  input  file.  If  -i omitted it may not start with a -. If absent stdin is
              taken to read from.  Multiple input files may be given.

       -k     Key generation enabled.

       -K     Key generation enabled (long key).

       -f  format
              Key generation enabled (formated key)

       -m  macfile
              Dump macros to macfile. - is stdout

       -M  macfile
              Dump used macros to macfile. - is stdout

       -o  outfile
              Specify output file as next argument If absent stdout is taken to write to.

       -q     Quiet mode. No warnings.

       -r  resource
              Load resource file (several are possible).

       -s     Sort.

       -S     Sort reverse.

       -v     Enable verbose mode

       -x  file
              Extract from aux file.

       -X  regex
              Extract regular expression.

       -@     Print statistics (short).

       -#     Print statistics.

       Input files should follow the bibtex conventions.




       bibtex(1), latex(1), tex(1)
       The BibTool Manual, included as the file bibtool.tex in the BibTool  source  distribution.
       This file contains a complete and hopefully up-to-date documentation of the program.




       Some arrays are allocated statically which may result in an overflow.
       Most  memory is allocated but not returned to the OS. A garbage collection algorithm might
       be integrated in a future release.
       It is very likely that this man page is out of date.

                                              local                                    BIBTOOL(1)