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       boinccmd - command line interface to the BOINC core client


       boinccmd [--host hostname[:port]] [--passwd passwd] {command}
       boinccmd [-hV]

       Notice  that  the  order of the options is important. The --host and --passwd options must
       precede any command.


       The BOINC command tool (boinccmd) provides a command line interface  to  a  running  BOINC
       core client (boinc(1)).


       --host hostname[:port]
              Connect to the host hostname.  The default host is localhost.

       --passwd passwd
              Use  passwd  as  password  for RPC authentication. If the current working directory
              contains a file gui_rpc_auth.cfg, boinccmd will read the password from this file.

       -h, --help
              Show a help message and all commands.

       -V, --version
              Show the version of the program.


       --lookup_account URL email passwd
              Look up account and print account key.

       --create_account URL email passwd name
              Create account with the given email address, password, and user name.

       --project_attach URL account_key
              Attach to an account.

       --join_acct_mgr URL name passwd
              Attach to an account manager (or do RPC if already attached).

              Detach from the current account manager.

              Show complete client state.

              Show all results.

              Show status of projects and active results.

              Show all current file transfers.

              Show status of all projects.

              Show disk usage of all projects.

              Get proxy settings.

       --get_messages seqno
              Show messages with sequence numbers beyond seqno.

              Show system information about the host where the BOINC client is running.

       --result   URL   result_name   {suspend   |   resume   |   abort   |   graphics_window   |
       graphics_fullscreen} [ --desktop dt | --window_station ws | --display dp ]
              Do operation on a result.

                     Temporarily stop work on result.

              resume Allow work on result.

              abort  Permanently stop work on result.

                     Open  graphics  in a window. The optional desktop / window_station (Windows)
                     or display (X11) arguments specify the display.

                     Open graphics fullscreen.

       --project URL {reset | detach | update | suspend | resume | nomorework |  allowmorework  |
              Do operation on a project, identified by its master URL.

              reset  Delete current work and get more.

              detach Delete current work and don't get more.

              update Contact scheduling server.

                     Stop work for project.

              resume Resume work for project.

                     Finish current work but don't get more.

                     Undo nomorework.

                     Detach project.

       --file_transfer URL filename {retry | abort}
              Do operation on a file transfer.

       --set_run_mode {always | auto | never} [duration]
              Set run mode.

              always Do CPU work always.

              auto   Do work only when allowed by preferences.

              never  Don't do work.

       If  duration  is zero or absent, this mode is permanent. Otherwise, after duration seconds
       elapse, revert to last permanent mode.

       --set_network_mode {always | auto | never} [duration]
              Set network mode. Like --set_run_mode but applies to network transfers only.

       --set_proxy_settings  http_server_name  http_server_port  http_user_name  http_user_passwd
       socks_server_name socks_server_port socks_version socks5_user_name socks5_user_passwd
              Set proxy settings. All fields are mandantory.

              Run CPU benchmarks.

       --set_screensaver_mode  {on  |  off}  blank_time  [  --desktop  dt | --window_station ws |
       --display dp ]
              Tell the core client to start or stop doing fullscreen graphics, and going to black
              after   blank_time   seconds.  The  optional  arguments  specify  which  desktop  /
              windows_station (Windows) or display (X11) to use.

              Tell the core client to read the global_prefs_override.xml file and incorporate any
              global preferences indicated there.

       --quit Tell the core client to quit.

              Reread the configuration file (cc_config.xml).

       --set_debts URL1 STD1 LTD1 [URL2 STD2 LTD2 ...]
              Set  the  short-  and long-term debts of one or more projects.  Note, if you adjust
              the debts of a single project, the debts of other projects are changed. So  if  you
              want to set the debts of multiple projects, do it in a single command.

       --get_project_config URL
              Fetch configuration at project located at URL.





       boinc(1), boincmgr(1)



       Copyright © 2007-2008 University of California.

       Permission  is  granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of
       the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free
       Software  Foundation;  with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover

                                         11 January 2008                              boinccmd(1)