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       bootcd* - utils to run diskless systems from cd


       With  bootcd  you  can copy your running Debian System on CD with the command bootcdwrite.
       If your system has no CD-Writer you can build a bootcd via NFS on a remote System with CD-
       Writer  or  you can only create an ISO image.  When you run your system from CD you do not
       need any disks. All changes will be done in ram. To reuse this changes at next  boot  time
       you  can  save them on FLOPPY with the command bootcdflopcp. If booting from your CD-drive
       is not supported, booting from FLOPPY is possible.  It is possible to install a new system
       from the running CD with the command bootcd2disk. Bootcd2disk can also find a target disk,
       format it and make it bootable automatically. Bootcd  also  supports  parisc/hppa,  initrd
       root fs, devfs and syslinux/isolinux.


       bootcd2disk(1), bootcdflopcp(1), bootcdwrite(1)


       This manual page was written by Bernd Schumacher <>, for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                   Wed Feb 23 00:00:00 EET 2000                         BOOTCD(1)