Provided by: survex_1.2.5-1_i386 bug


       cad3d — convert a Survex .3d file into formats which can be read by CAD
       and drawing packages


       cad3d [options]  .3d file [output file]


       Cad3d can currently output DXF or Sketch  files  for  import  into  CAD
       packages.   It can also produce Compass .plt files, which are primarily
       intended for importing into Carto, but can also be  used  with  Compass

       An  alternative  to  cad3d  is  SpeleoGen,  which  can  be found in the
       "Related Tools" section of the Survex web site.  SpeleoGen is a Windows
       (3.1/95/NT)  utility which reads in Survex .3d files, LRUD passage wall
       data (in .cav format) and surface topography info in .csv format.   The
       results are combined, displayed, and saved out as a DXF file for import
       into CAD or drawing packages.

See Also

       3dtopos(1),  aven(1),  cavern(1),  diffpos(1),  extend(1),  sorterr(1),