Provided by: caml2html_1.4.1-3build1_all bug


       caml2html - colorizes a set of OCaml source files.


       caml2html [options] file*


       Caml2html  colorizes  a  set  of  OCaml  source  files (.ml, .mli, .mll, .mly, ...).  Type
       annotations will be shown when  the  mouse  pointer  passes  over  an  expression  if  the
       corresponding .annot file is available.

       To  obtain  a  .annot  file,  compile  your  OCaml  source  files  with  ocamlc -dtypes or
       ocamlopt -dtypes.


       -annotfilter {innermost|outermost}
              choose whether innermost or outermost type annotations  should  be  used  (default:

              specify charset to use (default: iso–8859–1)

       -css   use CSS named style.css for styling

              use the given URL as CSS for styling

              use  default styling and place it in the head section of the document (default when

              use inline styling (HTML only, default fallback if -inhead is not applicable)

       -body  output only document's body, for inclusion into  an  existing  document  (see  also
              -make-css and -make-latex-defs)

       -ln    add line number at the beginning of each line

       -hc    comments are treated as raw HTML or LaTeX code (no newlines inside of tags)

       -t     add a title to the HTML page

       -nf    do not add footnotes to the HTML page

       -ie7   drop support for type annotations on Internet Explorer 6 and older

              do not insert type annotations as read from .annot files (HTML output only)

       -notab do not replace tabs by spaces

       -tab   replace tab by n spaces (default = 8)

       -d     generate files in directory dir, rather than in current directory

       -o     output file

       -v     print version number to stdout and exit

              create CSS file with default color definitions and exit

       -ext <NAME:CMD>
              use the given external command CMD to handle comments that start with (*NAME.  NAME
              must be a lowercase identifier.

       -latex output LaTeX code instead of HTML.

              create  a  file  containing  the  default  LaTeX  color  definitions  and  matching
              highlighting commands, and exit.  is not included.

              Display this list of options


       Sylvain Le Gall.