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       claws-mail - a GTK+ based fast email and news client


       claws-mail [options]


       Claws  Mail  is  an  email client (and news reader) based on GTK+, running on the X Window
       System, and aiming for:
              * Quick response
              * Graceful, and sophisticated interface
              * Easy configuration, intuitive operation
              * Abundant features

       Currently implemented features include:
              o POP3 support
              o IMAP4rev1 support
              o integrated NetNews client
              o unlimited multiple account handling
              o thread display
              o filtering
              o MIME (attachments)
              o built-in image view
              o X-Face and (colour) Face support
              o multiple MH folder support
              o mbox importing / exporting
              o external editor support
              o message queueing
              o automatic mail checking
              o draft message function
              o template function
              o line-wrapping
              o clickable URI
              o XML-based address book
              o LDAP, vCard, and JPilot support
              o newly arrived and unread message management
              o Mew/Wanderlust-like key bind
              o printing
              o APOP authentication support
              o SMTP AUTH support
              o SSL support (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1)
              o IPv6 support
              o drag & drop (partially implemented)
              o GnuPG support
              o automake + autoconf support
              o internationalization of messages by gettext
              o support of many code sets, including UTF-8 (Unicode) (when using libjconv)
              o support for plugins

       This list is not complete.


        --compose [address]
        --compose-from-file file
        --subscribe [uri]
        --attach file1 [file2]...
        --status folder[/subfolder]
        --select [#mh/mailbox/]folder[/msg|/msgid]
        --alternate-config-dir [dir]


              Default directory for mail storage

              Global program directory

              Manual files in HTML, PDF, PostScript and plain text format

              Global themes directory

              Directory for plugins

              Directory for header files

              Default directory for user's configuration files directory

              Addressbook files

              Automatic Faces and X-Faces files for accounts

              SSL certificates received from mail servers

              User-defined templates directory

              User's themes directory

              Configuration for account(s)

              User-defined custom actions

              User-defined address book custom attributes

              Claws Mail logfile

              Claws Mail output file (Windows only)

              Main configuration file

              User-specified commands

              Configuration for custom headers for sending mail

              Configuration for custom display of headers in message view

              All folders' attributes

              Folder hierarchy listing

              Filtering and Processing function configuration

              Menu shortcut-key configuration

              User-specified searches in message bodies

              User-specified quick-search list

              User-specified searches in message bodies

              User-specified searches in message list

              User-specified tag list

              User-defined custom toolbars


       To run this program the standard way type:


       Alternatively you can run it with the following options:

       --compose [address]
              to open a Compose window

       --compose-from-file file
              open composition window with data from given file. Use - as file name  for  reading
              from  standard  input. Content format: headers first (To: header required) until an
              empty line is found, then mail body until end of file.

       --subscribe [uri]
              subscribe to the given URI if possible

       --attach file1 [file2]...
              open composition window with specified files attached

       --compose "mailto:%t?subject=%s&cc=%c&body=%b"
              this syntax can be used in web-browsers and CLI to  open  a  pre-populated  Compose
              window.   Possible  fields  after the destination recipient are: subject, from, cc,
              bcc, in-reply-to, body, insert (insert a file  in  body  part,  needs  an  absolute
              path), attach (attach a file, needs an absolute path, see also: --attach)

              receive new messages

              receive new messages from all accounts

              send all queued messages

              show the total number of messages
              [new][unread][unread answers to marked][total]

       --status folder[/subfolder]
              show the total number of messages in specified folder
              [new][unread][unread answers to marked][total]

              show the total number of messages per folder
              [new][unread][unread answers to marked][total]

       --select [#mh/mailbox/]folder[/msg|/msgid]
              on startup, jumps to the specified folder/message

              start Claws Mail in (or switch to, if already running) online mode

              start Claws Mail in (or switch to, if already running) offline mode

       --help display the help message and exit

       --exit exit Claws Mail

              for debug mode

              display version number and exit

              display version number and compiled-in features then exit

              display the CONFIG-DIR and exit

       --alternate-config-dir [dir]
              start Claws Mail with the configuration stored in [dir] directory




       LANG   locale to use for non-win32 systems (the first one not empty is used)

              use this CA certificates file instead of searching known system files

              use this CA certificates directory instead known system directories

              if defined regular expressions matching follows POSIX standards

       HOME   full path of the user's home directory

              if  defined  disables  crash  dialog  (only if Claws Mail has been built with crash
              dialog feature enabled)

              assumes that filenames are in the locale encoding rather than in UTF-8

              if defined overrides default J-Pilot charset (CP1252)

              if defined tries to use the Session Manager (only if Claws Mail has been built with
              libSM feature enabled)

              default host and display number to use

              the information to access the GPG agent if using GPG agent is enabled in GPG plugin
              preferences (this is usually set by the agent when launched,  otherwise  it  likely
              means the GPG agent is not running)

       SHELL  if defined overrides default shell "sh" used by Spamassassin plugin to launch spamc


       You can search for existing bugs and report new ones on Claws Mail bugzilla:


       1999-2011 Hiroyuki Yamamoto and the Claws Mail team


       The Claws Mail Team
              Holger Berndt            <>
              Tristan Chabredier       <>
              Hoà Viêt Dinh            <>
              Andrej Kacian            <>
              Darko Koruga             <>
              Ricardo Mones Lastra     <>
              Colin Leroy              <>
              Paul Mangan              <>
              Salvatore De Paolis      <>

       Previous team members
              Keith Edmunds
              Match Grun
              Melvin Hadasht
              Oliver Haertel
              Christoph Hohmann
              Alfons Hoogervorst
              Werner Koch
              Thorsten Maerz
              Leandro A. F. Pereira
              Luke Plant
              Martin Schaaf
              Carsten Schurig
              Fabien Vantard
              Sergey Vlasov
              Hiroyuki Yamamoto


       Claws Mail Homepage

       Claws Mail online manual

       Claws Mail plugins