Provided by: cmtk_2.1.0-1_amd64 bug


       average_edt - Shape-based averaging


       average_edt [options] list0 [list1 ...]


       Average segmentations (label fields) using the Euclidean Distance Transform.


   Global Toolkit Options (these are shared by all CMTK tools)
            Write list of basic command line options to standard output.

            Write complete list of basic and advanced command line options to standard output.

            Write list of command line options to standard output in MediaWiki markup.

            Write man page source in 'nroff' markup to standard output.

            Write toolkit version to standard output.

            Write the current command line to standard output.

       --verbose-level <integer>
            Set verbosity level.

       --verbose, -v
            Increment verbosity level by 1 (deprecated; supported for backward compatibility).

       --threads <integer>
            Set maximum number of parallel threads (for POSIX threads and OpenMP).

   Main Options
            Interpolate target image, compute distance on reference grid

            Compute  distance  maps  on  target  image grid and interpolate distance [This is the

       --feature-window-radius <float>
            Radius of feature value window.  [Default: -1]

            Scale intensity images to given number of labels.

       --downsample-volume <string>
            Volume (atlas) downsampling factors 'dx,dy,dz' [Default: NONE]

       --num-labels <integer>, -n <integer>
            Number of labels. It is assumed  that  only  values  [0..num]  occur  in  the  images
            [Default: ]

       --padding <float>, -p <float>
            Padding value in input image [Default: disabled]

       --replace-from <string>
            Replace from pattern

       --replace-to <string>
            Replace to pattern

       --output <string>, -o <string>
            File name for output segmentation file.  [Default: NONE]

       --write-dmap <string>
            Write intermediate distance maps [file name mask] [Default: NONE]

       --write-lmap <string>
            Write intermediate label maps [file name mask] [Default: NONE]


       Torsten Rohlfing, Michael P. Hasak, Greg Jefferis, Calvin R. Maurer, Daniel B. Russakoff



       Report bugs at


       From  April 2009 through September 2011, CMTK Development and Maintenance was supported by
       the National Institute  of  Biomedical  Imaging  and  Bioengineering  under  Grant  No.R01
       EB008381 (PI: Torsten Rohlfing).