Provided by: python-rgain_1.0.1-1_all bug


       collectiongain - large scale Replay Gain calculating tool


       collectiongain [options] music_dir
       collectiongain --help
       collectiongain --version


       collectiongain  is  a  script  calculating  the Replay Gain values of a large set of music
       files inside music_dir. Each audio file will be rectified against the other files  of  the
       same album, which are identified using the file tags.


              Display the version of the software.

       -h, --help
              Display a short summary of the available options.

       -f, --force
              Recalculate Replay Gain even if the file already contains gain information.

       -d, --dry-run
              Don't actually modify any files.

       -r REF, --reference-loudness=REF
              Set the reference loudness to REF dB (default: 89 dB)

                 Choose  the  Replay  Gain data format for MP3 files.  Since there is no commonly
                 accepted standard for Replay Gain in MP3 files, you need  to  choose.   Possible
                 formats are :

              · ql (used by Quod Libet). This is the default value.

              · fb2k (read and written by foobar2000, also understood by Quod Libet)

              · mp3gain  (tags  as  written  by  the mp3gain program; this doesn't modify the MP3
                audio data as said program does).

              Don't trust implicit assumptions about what was already  done,  instead  check  all
              files for Replay Gain data explicitly.